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In today’s fast-paced world, it’s vital for drivers to stay connected while on the go. Fortunately for Tallahassee auto shoppers, Kia understands and meets these needs on several new Kia models for sale with available Kia UVO technology. Kia UVO is an intuitive suite of connected vehicle services that can seamlessly connect your car and phone. Drivers can effortlessly control many aspects of their vehicle from their smartphone device and experience more convenience, comfort, and connectivity than ever imagined. Get to know all of the exciting, advanced technologies inside Kia UVO with help from Werner Kia!

Different Types of Kia UVO Systems

Kia UVO is available in three distinct levels of connectivity and is compatible with a variety of new Kia vehicles for sale at our Tallahassee Kia dealership. Drivers can subscribe to the UVO tier that’s right for them and enjoy a plethora of high tech features on the following types of UVO systems:

  • UVO:Kia UVO is the base level and focuses primarily on connecting your compatible smartphone device to your vehicle. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity are standard and enable you to access your phone’s navigation system, place phone calls, send messages, and play music.
  • UVO Link:UVO Link includes everything from the previous tier with the addition of helpful vehicle diagnostic services. Drivers can check in on their Kia vehicle from afar and receive rear seat reminders, maintenance alerts, enhanced roadside assistance, and emergency contact services.
  • UVO eServices with NAV:As the name suggests, UVO eServices with NAV includes all of the previous features from UVO Link but adds a built-in navigation system that does not require a smartphone or data.

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Is Kia UVO Free? Do I Need to Pay to Utilize Any Type of UVO Service?

Kia UVO is complimentary for the first five years on your new Kia vehicle purchase* and includes features like remote charging, maintenance alerts, and 911 connect services. After this free trial enrollment period, drivers can continue using UVO telematics services without paying using the Lite package or upgrade to any of the following packages for more cutting-edge technologies.

Kia UVO Packages Table
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